WordPress is easy to choose
but hard to live with

Your team may be spending
upwards of 80% of their time figuring out
legacy code, plugin conflicts, scaling problems, architecture choices, infrastructure

Time that should better be spent delivering reliable code that drives your business

WordPress is plagued with bad-practices!

Up to 95% of your existing codebase
may have never been audited

Bugs, performance and scalability bottlenecks, security issues and poor code maintability result in business process unreliablity, degradation and failure risk

WordPress is just too easy to get completely wrong

WordPress + Pressjitsu = 🚀

Boost your existing WordPress solutions

Enhance your development and management

Start actually enjoying WordPress

Enterprise-grade for a fraction of the costs

For Developers

On-demand live code auditing and development consulting

Powerful tools and features: Git, CI, WP-CLI, web-profiling and much more

Actual development leverage for open-source solutions, we can write the code

Proven infrustructure and setup solutions, tailored configuration and builds, software and hardware stacks

For Project Managers

24/7 Tier III & Tier IV support

Development and integration strategy consulting, leadership

Knowledge and infrastructure aggregation, optimization and application

Amazing insight and motivation from leaders in the industry

...and no team churn; always there to solve your problems

For Business Owners

100% uptime guarantees and SLA

US-registered company, worldwide-operated, proven 4+ years track record

Instant and long-term savings for any WordPress-related solution

$2000 in startup credits, no strings attached, no prepayments, no contracts required

Transparent flat-fee monthly membership pricing, no long-term lockin

Pressjitsu is so much more...

Don't let past, present and future technology decisions impact your business in the long run. Schedule a free, no-obligation 15-minute call with one of our representatives right now. Because WordPress should be helping your business, not impeding it.

We will use your email to contact you for phone call scheduling only once. We will not call you without a confirmed schedule. We will not store your details. We will improve your WordPress situation.