Why Pressjitsu

Proven time and time again to enhance client WordPress-based solutions with knowledge, dedication and experience.

Not sure how to best roll out a feature? Need to hire a new developer? Need us to take on a deployment or integration leadership role? Motivate and mentor your team? Find simple and elegant solutions to complex problems? Handle emergencies and investigate incidents? Enterprise-grade solutions to security, scalability and performance problems that WordPress seems to be failing at.

24/7 Tier 3 & 4 Support

We're here to help and we don't mind getting our hands dirty. We'll dig into the code. We know what's up. We have your back.

100% Managed

Infrastructure, hands-on support, auditing and consulting, integration and representation. We handle it all. Streamlined and dedicated.


We understand that reliability, security, scalability and performance are inherent to code. Code comes first.