Managed WordPress Migration

Ready to transfer your WordPress site to our hosting platform? We got you covered. Our WordPress migration service is a hassle-free way to move your site from your current hosting provider to our managed platform, with no downtime and at no additional cost.

Getting Started

After you’ve signed for an account with Pressjitsu, simply get in touch with our support team and let us know the domains you’re looking to migrate. We’ll replicate all your current DNS records on our own servers and ask you to switch your domain nameserver records to:


This can be done at your current domain registrar. At this point the domain itself will still be pointing at your old hosting provider’s IP address and we’ll change that only after the migration has been complete.

Changing Nameserver Records at NameCheap
Changing Nameserver Records at NameCheap

Once the new nameservers are in place, we’ll ask you to send us your credentials to your current hosting provider. We usually ask for the FTP credentials only, though for larger and more complex migrations we might ask for SSH access as well.

When these are received and verified, we’ll schedule a migration slot that best suits you and your audience. The rest is handled by us.

Not Just a Copy & Paste

Most WordPress migration service providers will simply copy your files and database from your current hosting provider to the new one, but we take it a few steps further.

During migration we’ll upgrade you to the latest version of WordPress, update some plugins and themes, clean up your database tables from data left there by plugins you no longer use, review your plugins and themes for known security vulnerabilities, profile some requests and measure your site performance.

Profiling PHP Requests During WordPress Migration
Profiling PHP Requests

Once the migration is finished we’ll send you our notes, which typically include things like bad plugins that need to be removed or replaced, malware that we cleaned out, tips and recommendations on how to further increase cacheability and performance.

How Long Does it Take?

We usually migrate sites within 2-4 hours of the scheduled migration slot, but depending on the complexity and size of your projects, bandwidth caps at your current hosting provider and other factors, the process may take longer.

Upon completion we’ll verify that your website is working as expected (but faster!) and point your domain to the new server at our DNS servers. Within a few minutes traffic will already start flowing to the new location, although due to the way DNS services and ISPs cache records, we recommend you keep your old account running for at least another 48 hours. You can keep track of DNS propagation on


Our free WordPress migration service covers one WordPress site or Multisite network per account. For customers looking to merge several separate WordPress installs into a single Multisite network, depending on the amount of users, data, themes, plugins, etc., we may ask you to pay a migration fee.

If you have any questions about our managed migration services or our hosting platform, please don’t hesitate to reach out to If you’d like to get started with Pressjitsu, click here for a free trial.