Hosting FAQ

Below is a list of frequestly asked questions about the Pressjitsu hosting platform. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us.

What is Pressjitsu?

Pressjitsu is WordPress hosting done correctly with a mixture of art and high skill. No matter how large your project is we'll be able to handle its needs and support its dynamics.

Are my server resources shared?

While it's sometimes nice to share, we strive to guarantee dedicated processor time and server memory, along with our dedicated attention and support.

Do you support WordPress Multisite?

Absolutely. In fact we'll encourage you to join several projects into one account under a WordPress Multisite and help you migrate over.

How many WordPress installs can I have on one account?

For performance and security reasons, you can only have one WordPress install on your Pressjitsu account. As mentioned earlier though, we do provide full support for WordPress Multisite, which means you can host as many sites and domains as you like within a single WordPress network.

Do you have staging servers?

Yes, we offer off-site isolated staging servers to mirror your production site, useful for testing updates and breaking changes to plugins and themes. You can read more about our staging features here.

Will you backup my site?

Absolutely. Every Pressjitsu account is backed up every day with a 30-day retention period. We also provide our customers with on-demand backup slots, which means you can create a full site snapshot any time you want with a single click in your control panel. Restoring or downloading a backup is just as easy.

In addition to that, we offer multiple backup windows for you to pick from.

But does it scale?

While scaling your project up can easily be done thanks to our flexible architecture sets and components, we often try to squeeze every last drop of what your project is currently supported atop of. Recognizing that every project is different, we are able to customize configurations in place making the most of the current hardware. This means that we'll only ask you to upgrade to a newer plan when it really is the only last option. Throwing money at hardware for more RAM? Not for us.

In fact, we'll also suggest scaling down if your project isn't utilizing all the resources allocated to it. We proactively monitor and analyze usage charts and send suggestions, strategies that we can implement at your command.

What about caching?

Every application node here on Pressjitsu comes pre-configured with two page caching layers. Our Redis-based in-memory cache plugin is extremely fast and flexible, and open source too. Our low-TTL Nginx-level page caching setup is designed to smooth out traffic spikes in case you get featured TechCrunch or CNN. Both layers are fully configured and managed by us, so you don't have to worry about it.

Can I access my .htaccess file?

We don't use the Apache web server software and thus our platform has no support for the Apache .htaccess file. However, if you need special rules, such as rewrites/redirects or blocks by IP address, our support staff will happily implement all your needs in your site's nginx web server configuration.

Is there a bandwidth limit?

We do have a soft-limit on monthly bandwidth which varies per plan starting from 2 TB. However, we'll never shut your site down simply because you're using too much bandwidth.

While each Pressjitsu customer gets dedicated bandwidth throughput, our usage pool is globally shared between all of our customers as well as our internal service nodes, which means that if you've exceeded your allocated bandwith by less than 50% in a single month, we'll happily let it slide. However, if you double or tripple your bandwidth quota, we'll charge your account an extra $10 per 100 GB over your quota during your next billing cycle.

Is there a limit on the number of monthly pageviews?

No. We think it's silly to put a cap on the amount of monthly pageviews and frankly, we don't really care. Some of our customers serve over a million of pageviews per month, merely utilizing half of the resources available on our cheapest Solo plan. It's the server resources we count, not your Google Analytics numbers.

How many domains can I host with Pressjitsu?

As many as you like. You can add and remove domains, as well as manage DNS entries via your Pressjitsu control panel. However, please note that Pressjitsu is not a domain registrar so you'll have to purchase your domain via a third-party. We also don't provide e-mail hosting, but you can easily setup MX records and have a third-party (such as Google Apps) handle all your e-mail needs.

Can I get a dedicated IP address?

Yes. Every Pressjitsu customer gets a dedicated IP address along with direct SSH access to their server.

Can I use SSL/HTTPS with Pressjitsu?

Absolutely! In fact, we offer free and fully automated SSL certificates from our integration with Let's Encrypt.

Can I host a Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, etc. site?

Nope. The art of WordPress hosting is sacred to us, it's what we do best.

Do you provide e-mail hosting?

No, but we'll be happy to help you make all the necessary set up to get you up and running with Google Apps or any other third-party e-mail hosting providers.

Where is my project hosted geographically?

Your WordPress project can be hosted in either the US or Europe. This is often not too critical and is seldom the bottleneck for site speed. Let us profile your PHP code and check your slow queries logs first.

Will you let me know if my site is down?

We will. Pressjitsu service and performance monitoring systems are on constant lookout for downtime and performance issues. Critical issues are immediately handled by us, while non-critical, code-related issues will be investigated and discussed with you.

So is this managed hosting?

Yes, we do manage and address your project's needs. We'll put special configurations in place, install extra software, provide guidance, feedback and reviews of your code.

Is it secure?

Nothing is 100% secure. We know this, which is why we'll manually inspect logs when necessary and monitor for suspicious activity, scan program code for malicious routines and backdoors, and make sure all our systems are up to date. Getting hacked on Pressjitsu? Only if you give your password out or install some unaudited third party code. As long as you adhere to common sense and be prudent the Pressjitsu fortress will stand strong.

Will you clean my site from malware?

Yes. In the unlikely event that your site does get hacked and injected with malware, our security team will work around the clock to not only clean it up, but also investigate how and why it got hacked, to prevent such situations in the future. We will also clean up any malware you bring along from another hosting platform with our managed migration service. Malware cleaning is included in every Pressjitsu plan at no additional cost.

Can I use Git, Subversion or Mercurial with Pressjitsu?

Yes. All Pressjitsu nodes ship with Git, Subversion and Mercurial pre-installed, along with WP-CLI and a bunch of other pretty useful software and utilities. We'll also help you configure a push-to-deploy setup with version control.

Do you have a referral program?

We're currently working on our referral/affiliate program. If you would like to be part of the private testing cycle, please let us know by opening a support request in your control panel.

Got more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any other questions, or would like more information about our platform.