What is Pressjitsu?

Pressjitsu started out as a managed WordPress hosting company back in 2015. Running on dedicated hardware we managed to solve many issues for our clients with specialized tools and a hands-on team.

As Pressjitsu grew so did it's products. Pageviews, Cookie.gg, bridges for WordPress and many more were added to a line of managed code that helped both our clients and others.

As far as WordPress hosting goes, Pressjitsu is on a mission to roll out the fastest WordPress hosting to exist with some revolutionary backend infrastructure by the end of 2020. Subscribe to our mailing list to find out more about us and our products for WordPress.

If you're an existing customer and have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us at support@pressjitsu.com. If you're not an existing customer feel free to get in touch with us either way :)