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WordPress 4.4.1 Released

Avatar of Dave MatthewsDave Matthews
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Jan 7th, 2016

WordPress 4.4.1 has been released a few hours ago. This is a maintenance and security release which addresses a little over 50 bugs, including an XSS vulnerability in the core software.

This version also fixes a severe issue with wp_old_slug_redirect() introduced with the 4.4 update, fixes some minor problems with core’s responsive images functionality, extends emoji support and more. For a full list of changes in WordPress 4.4.1 visit the bug tracker.

All sites hosted with Pressjitsu have been updated automatically to version 4.4.1. If you notice any issues with your WordPress site, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

If you’re not hosted with Pressjitsu, we urge you to update your sites to 4.4.1 immediately, and if for whatever reason you’re not on the latest branch, note that the security issues in the 4.4.1 release have been ported all the way to the 3.7 branch.

Stay safe!

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