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Siri-Powered WordPress Support

Gennady Kovshenin
Post Date
Apr 1st, 2016

Here at Pressjitsu we always strive to improve our platform and toolchain. Over the past couple of months we worked hard to roll out some pretty amazing developer tools and staging servers with Git workflow support. Today we are excited to unveil our latest feature: automated live WordPress support.

Using Apple’s Siri technology to provide voice recognition, interpretation and processing against a graph database we built with raw data from the WordPress Codex, developer docs and Stack Overflow, we were able to create an internal API that understands WordPress questions and problems and spits out answers and solutions almost instantly.

We exposed this internal API through both our live chat Zopim API and our virtual phone PBX switchboard to provide automated WordPress support. Moreover, this new technology stack can answer Pressjitsu-specific questions thanks to the aggregate data we parsed from our chat, ticket and phone support conversations.

Live Chat & Phone Support

Here’s an example of Siri handling a live chat request, telling a customer about SSL configuration and our integration with Let’s Encrypt.

Live Chat Support by Siri

And here’s a real phone call that Siri got to handle (or Download the MP3 file — 490kB):


We are initially colocating a rack of 20 Apple iPad units in our US datacenter and 6 Apple iPhone units in our European one. Each of the devices has a stable and dedicated 2A power supply, using the built-in battery as an uninterruptible power source.

Audio data is fed in via the Apple-certified gold-plated line-in jacks, and since Wi-Fi is not too reliable in datacenters, network traffic is multiplexed over the same audio feed at a guaranteed rate of 56 kilobaud.

Our First Rack of Siri Support Agents

What’s Next

We are planning to open source both the database and our software within a few months, and expecting to scale by deploying additional racks into most of our datacenters as demand grows. Also, since more than 50% of WordPress downloads are non-English, we’re currently testing Siri’s multilingual support for a small subset of our customers, which we plan to launch soon.

We believe that the future of WordPress support is here. Our analysts predict up to 37% cumulative decrease in WordPress Stack Exchange questions and up to 98% less duplicates.

Apple’s Siri has definitely made a huge impact in the world of mobile devices, and changed the way we browse, search, travel and listen to music. With our revolutionary software and hardware stack, and our constantly growing knowledge graph, we’re going to change the way you receive WordPress support.

Update: Siri hasn’t stuck with our support team for too long, her first and last day here at Pressjitsu was April 1st.

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