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HTTP/2 Deployed to All Nodes

Gennady Kovshenin
Post Date
Jan 9th, 2016

We started testing the HTTP/2 module a while ago and made it available to some customers on demand. During the past couple of days, we’ve deployed Nginx 1.9.9 with HTTP/2 support to all our customer web nodes.

HTTP/2 Browser Support by

If you haven’t heard about HTTP/2 yet, it’s a new protocol based on Google’s SPDY project. It has better encryption, multiplexing, faster and more efficient compression and much more. HTTP/2 is the future, it is already supported by most major browsers, and don’t worry, Nginx will fall back to HTTP 1.1 for requests that don’t support H2.

Note that the HTTP/2 module currently works with HTTPS sites only, meaning you’ll need to get an SSL certificate for your WordPress site, but our integration with Let’s Encrypt makes issuing and installing an SSL cert easy and free of charge.

If you notice any problems with the updated web server software or if you have any questions about this change, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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