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Downloadable Backups and 30-Day Retention

Dave Matthews
Post Date
Jun 12th, 2015

Backups are essential to stability and security, so we’re continuously working on improving our tools and strategy, and today we’d like to announce a couple of new features available to all Pressjitsu customers.

30-Day Retention

All WordPress sites hosted with Pressjitsu are backed up every day, but until today, our customers had three automatic slots that rotated a daily backup, a weekly one and a bi-weekly. Frankly, it’s confusing and suboptimal, especially in situations where you know you want that backup from three days ago, but unfortunately the weekly one happens to be from six days ago. Oh no!

Our launch today changes everything. We’re continuing to perform full WordPress backups every single day, and due to improvements to our storage tools and strategy, we’re able to keep each backup for 30 days. Now you can restore a backup from three days ago, or six, or seventeen — you name it!

Nightly Backups with Pressjitsu

Since full site backups can temporarily degrade server performance, we’ve also kept the option for users to select a maintenance window that better fits their audience. Backups are usually performed within an hour of the selected window.

The on-demand slots are also available, and quite useful when you’d like to test a new WordPress theme or plugin without the risk of breaking and losing everything.

Download Your Backups

This feature has been requested by many Pressjitsu customers and we’re finally launching it. Starting today, you can download any of your automatic or on-demand backups, simply by hitting the new “Download” icon in the Backups section of your control panel.

Download Your WordPress Backups

Shortly after requesting a download, you’ll receive an e-mail with a secret link to your backup. This link is valid for 48 hours so there’s plenty of time to grab your full site archive.

Go ahead, try it out! But don’t go all crazy, and note that due to storage and bandwidth constraints, we’ve placed a weekly limit on the maximum number of backup archives you can download.

If you have any questions or feedback, please open a support ticket from your control panel, or contact us by e-mail:

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